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DANJOR named after the founder and owner, Daniel Jordan, was established in June 2016. With a desire to leave the aerospace industry behind and build a company that would benefit others.

Mr. Jordan has established a relationship with the housing authorities in these various states, and have listed his homes with them in an effort to offer nice homes for families on the housing programs. The tenth child of fifteen children and a son of a bishop, Mr. Jordan learned at an early age the value of sharing and helping others, a lesson deeply instilled in him by his parents. Mr. Jordan Is deeply rooted in his father’s church and has seen through his parent’s example the importance of being involved in a ministry. His ministry in his company through which he is able to assist many.

In 2004 DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear was added as a division of DANJOR with an objective to expand and diversify the parent company in the growing marketplace of sports enthusiasts. DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear’s central focus is to reach consumers by providing unique team logo products.

Danjor Divisions

DANJOR has several divisions through which the company is able to offer assistance to those in need. As a real estate investor, Mr. Jordan owns homes in California, Arizona, Texas, and Georgia where he maintains a strong working relationship with the Housing Authorities. Through partnering with the Housing Authorities in the mentioned states, Mr. Jordan assures there are nice, affordable homes available for families that qualify for the housing programs. It is Mr. Jordan’s goal to acquire up to 100 homes.

With DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear, schools have the opportunity to raise money through their athletic department by offering a Sports Head Gear fundraiser.

In the light of the recent changes in the economy, Mr. Jordan has expanded the real estate side of the company to include property tax liens as well as offering individuals options when faced with losing their home. DANJOR will assist in bringing the mortgage current after an agreement has been entered into by both parties that ensure the home will not return to its delinquent status.


Team Members

Danjor Product Line, named after the founder and owner Daniel Jordan, was established in June 2016.

Daniel & Deborah Jordan - Founder & Owners

Daniel Jordan - CEO - Danjor Enterprises

The latest project of Daniel Jordan is the release of the DANJOR fragrance for men and the DANJOR fragrance for women.