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Danjor Product Line is the vision of Daniel Jordan, an enterprising entrepreneur. The company has multiple divisions that specialize in different industries. The Danjor Recovery Program division specializes in non-profit humanitarian efforts. The Danjor All Around Sports Head Gear division specializes in sports apparel, including sports headgear. Recently, the company added the Danjor Fragrance division to its growing business which concentrates on the development of a fragrance product line. The Danjor Fragrance division is now the focus of the organization. Profit from sales of Danjor Sports Head Gear and Fragrance will be used to fund humanitarian efforts.

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The Danjor Fragrance division has worked to create three different fragrances, and plans on creating a product line that consists of three varieties of cologne for men and three varieties of perfume for women. The intent is to have these three goals met before the product is released to market.

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